Fred Rousseau Réalisateur Chef Opérateur Pilote Drone


«The higher you raise the bar the further you fall down!”

Michi language is made of very strong, singular sentences, as sharpened as his climbing style. His sentences try to define himself, without worrying about himself, by thwarting clichés… but do not succeed in really finding himself.

On the other hand his words create beautiful images that show Michi's inspiration, fluidity, and pleasure in action.

Through the discovery of his goals and his gamble with the risk, Michi mixes both quest and primal pleasure.

Réalisation : Maxime Moulin
Agence : Apache Conseil
Concepteur : Jerome Llado
Musique : Mercury By Alon Ohana - Am I Normal by Jimmy Svensson - Rapide Motion By Ian Post - The Weigt by Kneello - Artlist.
Sound Design : Thomas Roche - Mix&Mouse
Images : Maxime Moulin - Fred Rousseau - Whiteroom Productions - Frank Kretschmann

shot on Red Gemini, Dji Inspire, Dji Mavic.